#4 Josh

    • Name: Josh
    • Age: 22
    • Hometown: Nashua, NH
    • Branch: Army
    • Rank: E-4 Specialist
    • Years of Service: 5
    • Deployment: Kandahar Airfield in Southern Afghanistan
    • Tattoos: 6
    • Location: Chest, Arms, Ribs and Leg
    • Place you got your tattoo: Mayhem INK in Nashua, NH
    • Tattoo Artist: Dave Leonard.
    • Story:

Josh shares a family piece tattoo of the Statue of the Minute Men on his arm with his brother who was also served in the Army.
He has ‘Live Free or Die’ across his chest. The saying to him sums up what ‘being is the army’ means.
He bears the Cross on his arm.  He sees people turning to the church for guidance.  He believes you should never lose hope, and there is always something to look to.

On his arm is a Chinese Dragon flying around a butterfly and a stargazer lily. The Dragon for his Dad, the Butterfly for his Mother, and the Stargazer for his sister.

The Archangel Micheal is on his ribs

On his leg is Psalm 23:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;

He relates the Valley of the shadow of death to Afghanistan, but he sees it more so about the soldier to the left and right of him, because they are with him no matter what he does.





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#3 Gary

  • Name: Gary
  • Age: 44
  • Hometown: Suncook, NH
  • Branch: Army
  • Rank: E-4 Specialist
  • Years of Service: 5
  • Deployment: Kandahar Airfield in Southern Afghanistan
  • Tattoos: 2.5
  • Location: Back, Arm and Ribs
  • Place you got your tattoo: Tattoo Junkies in Newfield, NH
  • Tattoo Artist: Shaun Wjuan. Gary works closely with Shaun on his tattoos, and speaks highly of his commitment to put a lot of thought and time into what Gary wants in a tattoo.
  • Story: Gary was a prize-fighter until he was 34 years old. After that he joined the Army, and is currently active. His first tattoo he got was of his dog tags on his upper ribs, As you can see below in the first picture.

In order his dog tags list  :

His Name

Last 4 of his SS#

Blood Type


He was hearing stories of Iraqis burning American bodies and removing their teeth so they could not be identified. The second is on his ribs of the American flag breaking through his skin. The third is part of his arm sleeve. The cross and name is his father,. The stars and stripes wrap around his arm and represent the flag. Please take a few minutes to hear Gary tell his story In this VIDEO (please excuse the shakiness!).

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#2 Bill

I met Bill while I was shooting #1 Tyler. He’s my family’s neighbor and he graciously came over to let me photograph his tattoo.

This is Bill’s Story…

  • Name: Bill
  • Age: 61
  • Hometown: North Kingston, RI
  • Branch: Marines and Air Force
  • Rank: Sargent
  • Years of Service: 30-AirForce and 5 1/2-Marines
  • Deployment: Vietnam, Desert Storm, Desert Shield
  • Tattoos: 1
  • Location: Outside Calf
  • Place you got your tattoo: Tom Butts from Anchor Steam Tattoo in Newport RI
  • Story: Bill’s tattoo has the Latin phrase Semper Fidelis which translates to “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal” and is known as the Marine motto. Most of the time you will see Semper Fi. At the bottom you will see HMH 463 which was his squadron in Vietnam. HMH (Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron) More info HERE The picture is the Marine Corps Emblem, which is the Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo.The globe signifies USMC service around the world. The Eagle represents America and the Anchor represents the naval traditions of the Corps, which date back to its founding in 1775 and its continued service under the Department of the Navy. It is also said that the emblem represents the three areas the Marines serve “On Land, In Air and Sea”.

***Please contact me if you, or someone you know would want to be part of this project. This Week I’ll be in the greater New Hampshire/Boston area, next week I will be in the Daytona Beach area for the week of April 27th to May 4th.

cduboisphotography@gmail.com or 603-493-5896

Marine Tattoo

Marine tattoo, the eagle globe and anchor

#1 Tyler

This is my very first post for Service Ink. Tyler is my very first subject. ‘Service Ink’ is a personal project that I’ve been meaning to start for over a year. You can find more about this project under ‘ABOUT’.
For my first shoot, I reached out to my cousin in Rhode Island.  I asked him if he had any friends with tattoos directly related to their service time. Tyler was one of them.
He was a good sport and I appreciate him taking a change, and telling his story for my project.
This is Tyler’s Story…

  • Name: Tyler –
  • Age: 20
  • Hometown: North Kingston, RI
  • Branch: Marines
  • Rank: Lance Corporal
  • Years of Service: 2
  • Tattoos: 1
  • Location: Back
  • Place you got your tattoo: Fred Smith American Tattoo, Newport RI
  • Story: Tyler’s tattoo is a dedication to his father, uncle, himself and the other men and woman who serve our country. The tattoo reads in Latin: Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito  Please see the VIDEO of Tyler explaining it.